This message is about the terms and conditions for using KISS services. 


If you use their services, you agree to these terms. 


KISS can change the terms and fees at any time and will let you know by email or on their website. They offer various services, and a list is provided on their website.  


KISS may use third-party contractors to provide services and is not responsible for disputes between them and you. KISS owns any designs or proposals they create.  


If you are a member of KISS, you can transfer your services to someone else, and unused Kiss points will roll over to the next month. KISS recommends using virus-checking software when using their website.  


If you have any complaints, contact Nicola Sandrey. 


These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of KISS’s services. The Contracting Party’s acceptance of any service implies agreement to these terms. Changes will be notified via email or KISS’s website.  KISS offers various services, and a list is provided on the website. Copies of the Terms and Conditions will be held by both parties and available for inspection at KISS’s address of operation.  



KISS may change these terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion and may change the costs accordingly subject to inflation or the level or complexity of the service(s) provided. KISS may revise the Terms and Conditions and fees without prior consent.  


Refer to the Data protections detailed on the website. 


KISS retains ownership of any registered designs, trademarks, and patents, and the copyright of its proposals where applicable. 

This outline explains what certain words mean in the context of a business called KISS CONFIDENTIAL. KISS CONFIDENTIAL is a business operated by a resident of Cyprus that offers confidential lifestyle services to individuals, families, and businesses through its website, in terms of law and regulatory requirements the business complies with all rules and laws set by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.  The business is under the sole ownership of Nicola Sandrey. 


The website also explains the different services that KISS provides and the costs involved. 

KISS works with preferred service providers and the Contracting Party is responsible for paying the fees charged by KISS. There are not liable for any works undertaken by the service provider if there is a legal dispute between the Contacting Party and the service provider / third party contacted person.


The termination period is 14 days’ notice by either party.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, COMPLAINTS AND COMMUNICATIONS In the event of a conflict of interest, or a complaint all communications between KISS and the Contracting Party – Please contact Nicola Sandrey in the first instance at


These are the terms and conditions that KISS requires every client to agree to: 

Any documents or papers that come into existence during the provision of services will be retained by KISS until all fees and disbursements have been settled. KISS will retain all documents, correspondence, memoranda, and notes that have been created while providing services for as long as necessary.  KISS reserves the right to charge for any document retrieval services. 

The information contained on KISS’s website is general and should not be relied upon as legal or professional advice. 


KISS strongly recommends that anyone using the website should use virus-checking software. The rights and obligations provided in these terms and conditions are not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law or otherwise.


Believe it or not, you have the power to access a range of services that can change your lifestyle for the better. 

As a proud member of KISS Confidential, you’ll have a personal service provider who will coordinate your package in exchange for an arranged fee. From taking care of everyday tasks to organizing major events, we’ve got you covered. 

And don’t worry; if we can’t handle a task in-house, we’ll bring on board a third-party contractor to ensure your needs are met. We understand how important it is to make the most out of your investment. 


By using Kiss points with our flexible payment terms, we’re ensuring that every EURO you spend with us is worth it. Even better, unused Kiss points will roll over to the next month as long as you keep your membership active!

And the best part as a member? You can transfer your contract to another person without any charges! That’s right, just like the power of love, generosity is a gift that keeps on giving. 


We believe together; we can reach new heights of success! You receive a personal service provider who coordinates your lifestyle package in exchange for an agreed fee. All services may be either undertaken by KISS CONFIDENTIAL or by way of a third-party contractor as required.  Kiss is not liable for any dispute between the contracting party. 


KISS can purchase on your behalf if there are funds on account or you may settle directly with the supplier:  

  • Receipts are uploaded to your account and points are deducted.
  • Each time a service is completed one kiss is removed from your account. 
  • If you need to increase your services, you simply upgrade, and you will be allocated additional kisses to receive the new additional services you seek.
  • If you do not use your allocation for the month, these will naturally roll over to the next month.
  • If you know that you will not need the service and continue to pay the retainer.
  • YOU CAN SEND YOUR KISSES TO ANOTHER and the contract will continue with the same service.
  • The condition is simply to notify Kiss prior to the start of each month.
  • The person who is receiving the gift from you must REGISTER WITH KISS as a GUEST. 

and transfer your services to a friend or relative as a GIFT POINTS. 

  • Simply complete a MEMBER ONBOARDING APPLICATION online. 
  • You will receive an ENGAGEMENT LETTER confirming the services and conditions. 
  • A copy of your ID is required to verify your identity. For all works to be carried out on a property – we simply ask that you confirm that you have permission or are the owner of the property in advance, so we are exempt from any dispute.
  • Kiss will settle the invoice with the contracting party on completion of all works unless specified in advance. 
  • An itemised list of the works undertaken on request.
  • KISS CONFIDENTIAL does not take responsibility for any damages or disputes that you have with a service that is introduced to you by the business. 
  • There is no charge to transfer your contract to another if they agree to onboard and pay for the services.
  • Please cancel prior to the commencement of a calendar month allowing 14 days notification in advance.
  • Written confirmation shall be provided, and no further funds shall be taken. If a refund is due you will receive funds back in your account. 
  • As a member of KISS, your services are transferrable if you do not require the service within the same month. You need to notify Kiss prior to the start of each month and the services you have bought can be GIFTED to another. 
  • Say for example you have a contract for the month with KISS and you need to travel and not utilise your service contract. If within the same calendar month, you may transfer your KISS services to another party of your choice. N.B. It must be within the same period of the month. 
  • The contracting party must register with KISS in advance and sign an engagement letter to confirm they are the new contracting party for that period.  They wish to continue to use the services which is perfectly fine with KISS.
  • In recent years, there has been a steady but continuing trend of giving services and life experiences instead of material gifts. It’s a consequence of being more environmentally conscious.  
  • But why give something that someone might not want or need? It’s also because people are more inclined to buy things for themselves because only, they know what they really want and need.  Consequently, gifting experiences that someone might not have the funds for or would never consider for themselves is an ideal option to give a gift that will linger in the receiver’s mind. Alternatively, the giver might be unsure of the specific tastes of the recipient. In that case, a gift card of a defined amount to spend on whichever service they desire is a better alternative.
  • Contact Kiss Confidential to purchase a service as a GIFT for another.  
  • This is not transferrable to cash and will expire one year from the date of issue if not used.
  • The recipient shall be required to register a Guest to arrange the appointment(s) as gifted.  
  • A gift card is non-refundable.